Things That Make Me Happy😄

What are some things that make me happy?. Well, the first thing that makes me happy is when people get me stuff that I didn’t ask for and surprise me with them. The second thing that makes me happy is when I help anyone with anything. Like, opening the door for someone, helping someone with their homework, etc. It makes me happy just to help someone, instead of doing stuff for myself and being selfish. A third thing that makes me happy is when people care and help me out. Actually, another thing that also makes me happy is going to school, seeing my friends, and my awesome teachers. One more thing that makes me happy is when I’m pitching, hitting, or on the court. I love when I get to learn new things about both basketball and softball games. Especially when I get to play with my friends and teammates. When I get to hang out with my family and close friends, that makes me happy as well. Hope yall have a great day, be safe, stay warm in this winter weather in the United States and where ever this winter weather is at.

Playing In the Snow

Well, let’s start off by telling you about how my brother and I made a snowman. It was kind of funny because I asked my brother if he wanted to build a snowman and he said “No, I’m playing my video games”, I was like “Okay, then don’t ask me to come outside”. Of course, when I started going out the door, my brother came running out on the porch (yelling) “I’m coming too!”. I was like “Come on then!”. It was definitely really cold outside, when we jumped off the porch, we both accidentally fell because the snow was so deep we did not realize how far down the ground actually was from the porch. The snow was really fluffy, like a feathery pillow, but so very cold. When we both started getting up, we were giggling so much that we fell over laughing. After our little giggling session, we went to make our snowman. But…. my brother and I decided to make mini snowmen because we wanted to see how small we can make them but still be able to see that they are actually snowmen and not just little piles of snow on the ground. Unfortunately, we were not able to make them at all because the snow was too fluffy and would not stay together enough. We then decided to try and make snow angels since the mini snowmen were not working. My brother laid down in the snow first and made one, I helped him out so there would not be any footprints in it. Then it was my turn, I laid down in the cold fluffy snow and began making mine. I got snow down the neck of my jacket and in my boots, it was so cold I screamed while my brother laughed at me. Now it was my brother’s turn to help me out, unfortunately, my brother is six years old and weighs about eighty pounds, so when he tried to help me out I accidentally pulled him down. We both started laughing so hard we began to cry. Needless to say, my snow angel was not perfect, but my brother and I had fun and made memories that will last forever. 

Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving this year was a little different than most years, normally we have a ton of people come to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving, but we only had 4 people show up. Usually, we have about 8 people that come to my mom’s house every year and I actually liked having fewer people there. I didn’t even eat one piece of turkey for Thanksgiving!. The one main thing I ate was mashed potatoes and veggies. Most of the time when a ton of people visit my mom’s house my dad leaves really early because it’s so loud, but this year my dad stayed for a couple hours because there were fewer people there. So why did I write about my Thanksgiving, well cause when I get older I want to remember how Thanksgiving was in 2020. Have a great day!.


If you had three wishes, what would they be?. Let me tell you mine. My first wish would be… to have people be nice to each other even if your a different color, speak a different language, come from a different country, I just wish people would be nice. My second wish would be… to have COVID-19 disappear, it’s killed so many families, friends, people you don’t know, people that wanted nothing to deal with COVID. I just wish that COVID-19 didn’t even start, it’s the worst thing, I think, that people have encountered in history. My third wish would be… to find a cure for any Cancer, my little cousin has bone cancer and she is only 10. Cancer is one of the top things I hate and many other people do too. You can get Cancer at any age and I hate that, especially since it choose my little cousin and that makes me very mad. These are my three wishes, what is yours?. Tell me in the comments in the top left hand corner. Have a great day and stay safe!. Also, I used Canva to make the image!

Top 10 Favorite Sports

Credit to Sports and Exercise: U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS 

These are my top 10 favorite sports I like to watch and play. Playing sports is my favorite thing to do! but also you have to be a little serious to be able to win games and tournaments. Whats your favorite sport to play or watch, leave a comment in the top left hand corner. Have a great day!.

Favorite sports I like to watch (Below)          Favorite sports I play (Below)

-Baseball                                                                           -Softball

-Lacrosse                                                                          -Basketball

-Hockey                                                                             -Dodge-ball

-Soccer                                                                               -Football

-Golf                                                                                   -Volleyball

Our Perfect Companions Never Have Fewer Than Four Feet

Why am I posting this picture?, well, because I love horses or any kind of equine animal. Ever since I was a kid, I loved the beauty and nature of horses. I am posting this picture because I love horses and I actually made this picture thanks to the online editor I used (Canva). Canva is totally awesome! You’re able to take pictures you used and turn them into anything, you can also use the photos off of Canva that they have and edit them, you can do many things on Canva!. Have a great day to the people who see this post!.

Avatar post

My avatar is inspired by me, of course!. Well, as you can see, I have long wavy dark brown hair. My eyes are light blue with little diamonds around my pupil, which arent in my picture avatar but in real life, I have diamonds around my pupil. I have purple pinkish reading glasses. My sweatshirt is purple because purple is one of my four favorite colors. The background behind my avatar is light blue and a darker light blue, which light blue is another one of my favorite colors.